How do I block and unblock cards involved in fraudulent chargebacks?

Cards used for fraudulent chargebacks on the Adyen are automatically blocked for future purchases on the payments platform. Therefore, you do not need to take any action to block the card.

However, if you wish to accept payments with a blocked card, you can opt to put the card on your own accepted list.

There are two ways to add a card to your accepted list: 

  1. Fraud Settings: In the Customer Area go to Merchant account > RevenueProtect > Risk Engine Profiles > Card/Bank Account number referral > config. Your user account must be configured with the necessary roles to make fraud setting changes.
  2. Payment page: In the Customer Area go to Merchant account > Payments > PSP number of the blocked transaction > Fraud Control.

In both cases, the shopper must perform the transaction again to be accepted.


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