How do I enable a new payment method on my account?

Contact Support. In your request, include:

  1. The name of the merchant account.
  2. The payment method you want to enable.
  3. Whether you need the payment method enabled in your test or live account.

Some payment methods require you to have a direct agreement. In order to enable these methods, we need the following information:

  • PayPal: the email address of your business account. For more information, see PayPal account setup
  • Klarna: StoreID, Secret, Funds settle to (merchant or Adyen), Currencies.
  • AfterPay: Portefeuille ID, Password, Acquirer ID, Currencies.
  • Neteller: MID, Client ID, and Secret.

For a complete list of payment methods, see Payment methods overview

For more information contact Support. Submit a request

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