How do I add shoppers to a block or trust list?

To add a shopper to the trust/ block list:

  1. Log in to the Customer Area and go to RevenueProtect > Risk Engine Profiles. If prompted, select your company or merchant-level account.
  2. Select the attributes you want to add to the block or trust list. 

In order for this to take effect, you should set fraud scores for these Referral List checks. You can do so by going to RevenueProtect > Risk Engine Profiles > [referral] and setting the negative/positive fraud scores for the respective referral list checks.

For example, for the Shopper Reference trust referral list, make sure that you have the Shopper Reference Trust List fraud check enabled with a negative fraud score.

  • If you are not able to view all the referral checks, make sure you switch on Show inactive checks when in the Fraud control section.
  • You can also use API requests for setting referrals list, for more information please refer to Referrals API.

Below are the available parameters that can be used in the block and trust referral list:

  1. shopperemail
  2. shopperip
  3. pmowner (corresponds to the shopper name)
  4. shopperaddress
  5. shopperreference
  6. txvariantshopperreference
  7. emaildomain
  8. socialsecuritynumber
  9. phonenumber
  10. cardnumber
  11. ibannumber
  12. issuerreference
  13. issuingcountry
  14. persistentcookie
  15. ipcountry 
  16. paymentreference
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