How do I connect a partner ecommerce or billing platform to Adyen?

If you are connecting to Adyen through one of our preferred partners for ecommerce (for example Magento, Salesforce, Hybris) or billing (for example Aria, Zuora, Recurly) and seeing an error code, refer to the following list of common connection errors:

Error code Issue Solution
401 Incorrect ws user credentials entered.

Log in to the Customer Area, reset the password for the ws user, and re-enter it.

For more information, refer to How to get the web service (WS) user password.

403 ws user does not have the correct permissions.

Refer to the partner platform's documentation for information on roles that need to be enabled. For more questions, contact Support or your implementation manager.

422 Unprocessible entity.

The request is formally valid, but semantically incorrect: the receiving server can read it, but cannot understand it.

One possible solution is to ensure you are using a valid test card for test transactions. Note that test cards will not work in your live environment, where we recommend using real cards with nominal values.

Another possible solution relates to recurring or subscription billing. In some cases, you may need to create a recurring contract before you can submit a recurring payment through Adyen.


For a complete list of possible error codes that you may receive from Adyen or Visa/Mastercard:

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