Do you support Two Factor Authentication?

Yes, we do support Two Factor Authentication (2FA). This has to be enabled on your company account and is therefore applicable to all users.

2FA can be used with the app “Google Authenticator” or other applications supporting TOTP. Two Factor Authentication can be configured in two ways:

  1. Opt-in – Users can choose to configure 2FA.
    Log in as usual to the Customer Area. Then click the user account icon on the top right, click My account > Edit Two-factor Authentication > Register a device. 2FA is now always enabled for this user account. When no device is configured, 2FA will not be asked. Once a device is configured, 2FA will be asked every time the user logs in.
  2.  Forced – All users are forced to use 2FA.

A registered device can be removed via the user settings, by the admin user of the account.

Please submit a request in case you would like to have Two Factor authentication enabled on your user accounts.

The user will see the following page to register a Mobile device:


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