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What is Adyen?

Adyen is a global payments company that processes payments for some of the world’s leading online services. This includes marketplaces like eBay, and many more. We enable eBay to process payments from buyers and sellers.


As an eBay user, what is my payments relationship with Adyen?

Your eBay payments relationship is between you and eBay.


Do I need an Adyen account to buy or sell on eBay?

No, you don’t need an Adyen account.


Will Adyen charge me a fee?

Adyen does not charge eBay users a fee. For more information about eBay Payments, see the eBay  Seller Center.


I have a question or comment about eBay payments. Who should I contact?

For more information, stay up to date on eBay’s Seller Center, share feedback, ask questions and connect with the eBay Community.

For more information contact Support. Submit a request

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