What is my month end or year end balance?

Your end balance is the payments for your business that we’ve processed, but haven’t paid out to you yet.

You can find your end balance in your latest Monthly Finance Report (where it is referred to as Total receivables from Adyen). The end balance is the sum of your:

Open captured balance (gross)

The amount that we’ve requested from the shopper’s bank but have not yet received. This is a gross amount, before fees (such as processing or payment method fees) have been charged.

Open payable balance

Funds we’ve received (payable balance) that haven’t yet settled to your bank account. This is a net amount, after fees (such as processing and payment method fees) have been charged.


Funds that we hold to cover risk exposure associated with your account. This is based on your merchant potential liability (MPL), and can fluctuate month-to-month based on your payment behaviour.


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