Why have I stopped receiving notifications?

This can happen when your server did not accept a notification that we sent.
When your server doesn't accept a notification, all your notifications become queued. You'll also see a system message in the Customer Area:
In this case, you’ll need to update your server configuration to accept all notifications. For more information on how you do this, see Set up notifications.
Until you've updated your server configuration, you can continue receiving notifications by manually accepting the notification. 
Note: When you manually accept a notification in your Customer Area we won't send it to your server.
To manually accept the notification:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Server Communication.
  2. Click Troubleshoot, then Click here to view the notification that is failing. Here you will see which notification was not accepted. For more information on the event that triggered this notification, see Event codes.
  3. Click Manually accept notification.


For more information contact Support. Submit a request

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