What is a Notification of Fraud? What is a Request For Information? How do these differ from chargeback disputes?

Notification of Fraud

We provide merchants with a Notification of Fraud, which is equivalent to the Visa TC40 and Mastercard SAFE (System to Avoid Fraud Effectively) reports, in hopes that our merchants can benefit from this data and actively discover/prevent fraud activity from occurring.

With the Notification of Fraud, there is no money movement yet and no response required from the merchant.

We suggest that merchants actively review their Notifications of Fraud, issue proactive refunds (to avoid a chargeback) whenever appropriate, and add truly fraudulent cardholder details to their block lists. Please see RevenueProtect’s Referral Rules for more details.


Request For Information

Request For Information (also commonly known as an inquiry or retrieval request), is a non-financial dispute. At this stage, the cardholder has reached out to their bank and is either requesting more details around a transaction or the bank needs additional details before they can move forward with a chargeback.

Requests for information can be seen as a precursor to the chargeback dispute where money movement will take place. We recommend that merchant’s respond to all of their requests for information with details around the transaction and any other relevant evidence. In certain cases, if the merchant does not respond to the request for information, they will receive a final chargeback debit and will lose the right to defend the chargeback.

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