Why do I receive a "905 Payment Details Not Supported" refusal?

This error relates to the setup of payment methods. It may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The currency is not configured or supported.
    Solution: Check if the currency that you are using in a transaction is configured for this payment method. Some paym­­­ent methods such as SEPA direct debit (EUR) only support a single currency. Other payment methods can be enabled for a variety of currencies. 

  2. The minimum amount is set too low or too high.
    Solution: Check the minimum amounts set for each payment method.

  3. The payment method is not configured.
    Solution: Follow the guidance in this FAQ to have the payment method added to your account.

  4. The payment type (shopperInteraction) is not configured/supported.
    Solution: A recurring payment is attempted, while this is not configured/supported. Please refer to the Payment methods overview to see if recurring is supported for the payment method.

To check or configure these settings, open your Customer Area and go to Account > Payment Methods while on merchant level.

If you can't diagnose the issue or need further changes to be made, contact Adyen Support for assistance.

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