Can I test 3DS2 in Live?

For now, the best tools for testing 3DS2 readiness are the Adyen test environment and the 3DS2 simulator.

In the coming months, you will start seeing transactions with 3D Version 2.x appearing in your transactions list for issuing bank that are ready to offer authentication via 3DS2.


We choose these transactions based on optimization criteria such as issuer availability. As the industry progresses in the coming months in the adoption of 3DS2, we will increase the volume that we route through 3DS2.

Once integrated with 3DS1 or 2, no action is required from your side to activate 3DS2. Adyen’s Redirect SCA integration ensures that you are already covered from an integration point of view.

If you're currently not offering 3D secure, please start integrating now.

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