Will PSD2 / SCA be delayed?

PSD2 includes a mandate for payment service providers to implement strong customer authentication (SCA) to make payments more secure for cardholders. Officially SCA requirements will come into affect as per 14 September 2019.

Over the last couple of weeks, a number of national supervisory bodies in Europe have announced additional time to prepare their markets for SCA enforcement.

The following countries have had their supervisory bodies communicate a delay of SCA enforcement:

List last updated at: 16-09-2019

A number of other countries are still expected to announce enforcement delays before 14 September. Other countries may have no formal announcement, but instead will rely on informal communication to issuing banks. While Adyen as an acquirer may be exempt due to a delay in the Netherlands, issuing banks in non-delayed countries will likely require SCA to approve transactions. Due to this, you still need to be prepared to authenticate these transactions.

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