Small changes to Adyen Invoice: new categorization

We have improved our invoices to enhance readability by introducing a new categorization, effective as of August 2019 invoices. The new categorization is based on the different services we provide and is applicable on the summary page as well as on following break-down pages. Below an example of the summary showing the old and new categorization:


The above will create more clarity on the fees charged for the different services Adyen offers and the naming is more in line with the merchant agreement. 

Some examples are:

  • “Calculated Transaction fees” is now “Processing Fees”
  • “Risk fees” is now “Revenue Protect Service”
  • “Calculated Bank/Card Commission” is split into “Payment Method Fees”, “Refund Fees”, “Chargeback Service” as well as other services that were grouped under this name such as “Account Updater Services”, “Management Service“ and “Management & Reconciliation Service”

Depending on the services your company is using, your invoice may have more or less categories.


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