Why are the orders not created in Magento after a payment is processed in Adyen?

In releases before Adyen Payment 5.0.2., it can happen that shoppers complete the payment process, are redirected back to the web shop success page and the respective order has not been not created.

The issue came from the 3DS process, whereas in some scenarios the shopper flow is disrupted after completing their payment (due to for example Magento throwing an error). As a result, the order is not placed and created.


In Magento Plugin version 5.0.2. or higher we have changed the place order flow to prevent this from occurring. In the new flow the payment is only created after an order is created. Download and upgrade your plugin to version 5.0.2 or higher from GitHub or the Magento Marketplace.

Important note: We recommend that you review and test any customizations or third-party extensions that you use in combination with this plugin. For more information refer to the technical release notes on GitHub.

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