Why is the order status is not being updated with the status in Adyen?

There can be multiple possible causes for this. Please find below the three possible reasons:

Magento 2 is not accepting the notifications

On our environments we see an error message for our endpoints saying that our account is not accepting notifications. Our orders in Magento 2 are not in the correct status and the comment history on your order page does not show “Adyen HTTP Notification(s)” messages.

The most common causes are:

  • Notification endpoint is not setup properly
  • Notification endpoint has a problem

You can troubleshoot your endpoint in the Adyen Customer Area >> Account >> Server Communication >> Troubleshoot. Be sure to follow the specific steps for configuring the endpoint.

Problem in cron job

Orders in Magento 2 do not get updated past the "Payment Review" status, and notification messages do not appear in the order comments history.

The cron job that process notifications has some problem, either with the configuration or conflict with another plugin.

Ask your development team to take a look at logs and debug the issue on the server. 

Shoppers abandon payment

Orders in the Magento 2 admin area get stuck in a pending status. This happens for payment methods that require the shopper to be redirected to another web page.

Shoppers can abandon the checkout process at the redirected web page, meaning that it's impossible for the Magento 2 e-commerce to detect the abandonment. Adyen sends a notification when the payment offer is closed, but this needs to be enabled by Tech Support.

Search for the PSP Reference of a stuck order in the Offers tab in Customer Area (please ask support@adyen.com to enable this if you don’t see the 'offers' tab). If you see an offer closed or cancelled in the list, it means that the shopper abandoned the transaction before being redirected back to your e-commerce.

You can request Adyen support team to enable the OFFER_CLOSED notification via support@adyen.com, which will cancel these orders. This will not retroactively change the orders and to do so you must change the order in the database.

Other than that, offers will still stay open until they expire, which varies based on the payment method.

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