Why is ApplePay not working?


ApplePay is not working and you can see a JavaScript error in the browser's developer tools console.


Common solutions are:

  • The "Enable Apple Pay" process has to be completed on an Apple device. In addition, it would need to be tested on an Apple browser and computer with a configured Apple wallet on the device.
  • Make sure to distinguish between the payment processing certificate and the merchant identity certificate. Both certificates use a CSR and CER, but the CSR and CER from step 3 cannot be reused for step 5.
  • The PEM file location might be incorrect. ApplePay requires a private key to work properly. You need to save that key in a file and inform our plugin of the correct place of this key. For example:
    • Correct: /var/www/htdocs/apple-pay-cert.pem
    • Wrong: www.example.com/store/apple-pay-cert.pem

After checking these options, flush the Magento 2 cache.

If the issue persists, try generating a new private key and following the steps on how to setup ApplePay in Magento 2.

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